Thursday, June 9, 2016


in this moment:

right now, in this moment, I'm in love with how special you knew this dress was.  when it came time to say goodbye to your papa, I instantly remembered this dress we had seen weeks ago.  knowing that being a merchant marine was such an important part of papa's life, and the reason he met your nona, I knew this would be the perfect little gesture.  I'm trying so hard to get you to understand a concept that is really hard, and somehow, you just knew how important this little dress was.  yesterday, when normally getting dressed is a struggle that includes tears, you were beyond excited to wear your new dress for papa, and even agreed to wear sandals that weren't flip flops.  you refused to even take the dress off last night.  twirling, smiling, and dancing in this little dress.  and I melted, in this moment. 

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