Saturday, June 25, 2016

lucky 13 [disneyland mini-film]

we just got back from everly's 13th trip to the parks.  southern california was experiencing a crazy heat wave, anaheim was literally 106 on our first day. never have I been in the parks in that type of heat.  the only silver lining was the crowd index was extremely low, because seriously, 106!

this trip we battled something new, everly's obsession with souvenirs.  we've been pretty lucky and the struggle with this hasn't been a thing until this trip, and we had to really work on her realizing that we weren't in the parks to buy things.  her biggest obsession was this little purse and glove set that she saw the morning of our second day.  at this point, she had already spent her souvenir money from grammie, we had purchased her bubble wand, and now this.  nope, not happening.  it was a day long of asking, and I purposely left her little purse demand in the video, just as a reminder of her obsession.  it was all she could think about.  don't worry, we worked on her tone as well, demanding of items to be purchased is not going to happen.  she went hours on day three without saying anything about the gloves or buying anything, so then she got to be spoiled by her grandma and grandpa that were with us on this trip.  because, after all, she's three, and it is disneyland.  so, three souvenirs.  oh well, there are worse things in the world I'm sure. right?

here's our week, three days in the parks, 300 video clips, 30 minutes of footage, all wrapped up in just about 8 minutes.  enjoy.

disneyland june 2016 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

film shot on our sony a6000

songs -
"Married Life" Up Soundtrack
"When Can I See You Again" by Owl City on the Wreck it Ralph Soundtrack (this is also their current parade song for Paint the Night)
"Alice" by Avril Lavine from Almost Alice

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