Thursday, July 28, 2016

the parlor & $2 tuesdays [local lovin']

of course, when it is over 100 degrees for too long, you start going a little crazy. and not that we really needed another reason, but $2 tuesdays at The Parlor was a pretty good one to stop for some ice cream after our evening at the Crocker Art Museum.  and yes, our kid had a shave ice and donut in the same night, let's not worry about it too much.

we each got what we wanted, I had a single scoop of Everything but the..., everly got her plain whole glazed donut, and the mr. got his ice cream puff, which is pretty much if you take my order, and ev's order, and slice it and mush it together in a panini like press, well, that's what he had.

and because we don't look quite as cute eating our dessert, here's too many photos of everly eating hers...
^she seems to really be getting the 'show my your food' photo down^

$2 single scoops
$2.95 ice cream puffs
every tuesday @ The Parlor

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