Thursday, August 11, 2016

hey, let's print some photos!

I've always loved taking photos.  My days since middle school were pretty well documented on film, and meticulously placed in theme oriented photo albums. I kept this practice up with diligence until the invention of the digital camera, and social media.  nowadays I don't blink when taking a few hundred photos in a single day, I'll post approximately 3.3 images online, and maybe even create a blog post dedicated to the well remembered event.  And then, that's it.  I spend the rest of the time asking myself, did I already put these images on the computer? are they backed up online? are they also on an external hard drive? and on, and on, and on.  But you know what, I'm making a promise to myself to get more images printed, because, they need to be.  It makes me happy, and it is just one more way to 'back up' your gorgeous memories, the good old fashion way.
Last week I utilized the new Costco smart phone app [is it new, or was I just doing things the very old school way by accessing the Costco Photo Center from my computer?!?]  to upload photos from my phone to be printed.  I only went back to our Disneyland trip in April, and selected only my favorite images, and I printed almost 500 photos!  Since my camera links to my phone, because it is awesome, my 'good' photos are always on my phone as well, so that really made this process super simple.  But I digress, picking up my $70 photo order made me pretty giddy, and opening up the boxes [yes boxes, so many prints] in the car just like I used to do when I would have my film developed at Costco back in the good ole' nineties, made me pretty happy to say the least.

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting the prints into photo albums [discount stores like Marshall's or Homegoods has the best selection of my favorite albums].  Sure, it takes time, but it's time when you get to remember each moment and image, and I find it pretty therapeutic.

So, I'm making it a little goal of mine to get printing, and album-ing, so I can enjoy the photos I take, and also, stop stressing about trying to store the images in four-thousand places online, because really, it's exhausting, unless you take 36 photos a year.

And sure, now that I'm addicted to this practice once again, I may have printed another five hundred photos this week.  Only 5,000 to go.  Wish me luck.  Hey Lyndsay, what are all those books on your bookshelves?  Oh, they're photo albums.  No biggie.

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