Thursday, September 8, 2016

on the first day of pre-school...

yesterday was the first day of pre-school!  everly is attending the same little school I attended back in the 80's, and there is something strangely comforting about sending her there.  oh, and the fact that she's the polar opposite of me when it comes to being left at school is also a big bonus.  she couldn't have been more excited for school.  it probably also helps that she's very familiar with the concept of school since she's been coming to a middle school since she was four months old.  so, what I'm saying is, pre-school is rockin' it on all levels.
today she was so confused as to why I was coming with her again to pre-school since I already attended orientation with her last week, and she knows that daddy is the one who is taking her to pre-school.  she also wasn't sure why we stuck around for so long, apparently she didn't need us there the extra thirty minutes.  and apparently, the first day of school isn't really a big thing.
thankfully, we didn't have a single clothing meltdown.  she appeased me by taking oh so many photos.  and man, did she sure melt my heart by remembering her first teacher's name with such ease, her little, "miss jefferson" is just about the cutest thing I've ever heard.
and yes, they've done these buckets since I was there.  we had a blast decorating her bucket last week!

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