Sunday, October 23, 2016

Everly's Fourth Birthday Party [dia de los muertos]

I've always loved to plan parties.  I cannot even recall all the silly reasons we had to get together and eat cupcakes in our 20's.  I specifically remember a spring is here party.  yeah, I used to have time for ridiculousness.  nowadays, there is one party. everly's birthday.  and because I love to plan and decorate parties down to the tiniest detail, I like to start early with these shindigs.  like summer break early, because, working mom.  and my baby is born in november.  this year, we started late august, which is a little behind for me [don't worry, I haven't also finished my christmas shopping.  I haven't started, so there, not that crazy].  while wandering the aisles of michael's, as we are sometimes known to do, we stumbled upon some very early displays of dia de los muertos decorations.  after finding the rainbow flower crown with the cutest little candy skull tucked inside, with flowing ribbons, it wasn't a hard sell for my almost four year old to get on board with.

and so, my first ever dia de los muertos birthday party was born.

in the past, trying to work on party details and wrangle a baby or toddler has been challenging.  many times, it resulted in me getting a lot of help with everly.  but this wasn't the case this year.  instead, something magical happened.  everly helped me do everything.  tissue paper flowers, silk flower arrangements, baking cupcakes, hanging lights and banners, check, check, and check.

getting to party plan together was amazing - sometimes it took a tad extra patience from me, but for the most part, my three year old rocked the decoration scene like a pro.  and because we had an absolute blast planning this crazy party - yes, we will continue to do so, each and every year until she tells me she's had enough.
and now, way too many photos...
thank you to everyone who made this day so special!

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  1. I love how colorful all of your pictures turned out! Great job Lyndsay :)