Tuesday, January 17, 2017


according to everly - [what I want to be when I grow up edition]
what do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be a teacher.

why: because I like being a teacher.  I want to be one when I grow.

what do you want to teach: I want to teach about my kids.  I want to do stories about faraway places when people grow up and sing.

how old will your kids be: four, I think they are going to be a little small.  I think they are going to have moms.  And I'm going to be their teacher mom.  So they will call me teacher.  Actually, they will call me Miss Lewis.  I will like how my kids do everything.  I know I really really want to be a teacher.  I want to be a good teacher.  Everyone will listen.  Actually, I'm going to teach high school. They will learn how to cut. [she's currently cutting paper, but it all works really]

how old will you be when you start teaching:  4

so you are starting this year: yeah

how many years will you teach: 100 days, and you are going to be at my class. but you don't need to train me, I know all the rules. I know about when they don't do stuff, I'm going to put them in timeout.

any last words on teaching:  Um, I want to be a very good trainer and I want to help people that don't listen.  And if they don't listen, they are going to go to time out.  and then I want to be a regular teacher that doesn't have a name, the kids will just call me teacher.

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