Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#everlygoestodisneylandround16 [mini-film]

I have been so absent from this little space lately.  Work is kicking my butt to say the least - pushing hard to get my hours for a big raise next year means a TON of outside work, not to mention everything else that I have signed myself up for over the years.  As teaching gets 'easier', the workload doesn't really reflect that because then you find yourself taking on a bit more and a bit more.

However, I finally found the time for my one favorite hobby - putting together these little mini-films. I've decided that after making so many, I'm kind of over worrying if the songs are new or not, instead, I'll just keep picking my favorites!

Here's a glimpse of our four day excursion to Disneyland over February break.  In the beginning Everly asked for her favorite boba drink from Bengal Barbecue, but because we were far too smitten by Princess Elena, and Star Tours, and the Main Street Electrical Parade, AND the Red Rose Taverne, we totally forgot to hit up this regular spot of ours.  There's always April! We had a blast with all of these new experiences with Ev, many of which had a very classic feel to them, since many were experiences from our own childhoods.

Disneyland February 2017 1 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.


Epic Park Day t-shirt by Happily Ever Tees
Best Day Ever Sweatshirt by Happily Ever Tees
Tangled Ears by Oh Yeah Apparel
Peter Pan Ears - mine

Married Life - UP! Soundtrack
Main Street Electrical Parade - Magic World
Grace Potter - Something That I Want - Tangled Soundtrack


  1. Love these so much! You inspired me to do something with all the clips I have!
    Also, have you tried the Free Music Archive for soundtracks? You'll have to dig a bit but there is some beautiful stuff there.

    1. No - I need to try that next! Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for the kind words :)