Monday, June 19, 2017

it started with a suggestion [stock tank pool]

I grew up swimming a ton in the brutal northern california summers.  there is nothing like a pool to keep your sanity, and I say that as we are currently in a week long stretch of 108 degree days [we sure picked the wrong week to go to lake tahoe, but a new adoption training for school has kept me from escaping this ridiculous heat].  and speaking of ridiculous, ripping apart my entire yard, and my finances, to put in a 50K pool wasn't really an option right now, but after a conversation with my sister about people turning stock tanks into pools, I was intrigued, and then obsessed, with making this a reality for my yard this summer.   and so we did it, in less than two weeks.  thankfully I had a lot of people to oblige my crazy requests, mostly my husband and father-in-law, the latter which tied down my 8 foot stock tank to the bed of his truck, and then had to retie said ties at least three times on our way home, all with an insane amount of confidence & calm. and you cannot forget my mother-in-law who volunteered to sit in the back with the tank - don't worry, we didn't let her!  but again, see the dedication I'm talking about. it was pretty endless.  ^many phases to this little project^

and because I missed my succulent garden that I left behind at our rental [not the succulents of course] I had to recreate the project, this time, acting as a mini- wall enclosing our new pool space. and the pallet that helped us get our pool home has been re-purposed as a little artwork for this space.  everly did a great job with the stenciling, she would have been very successful in the 90's.
and finally, our inflatables are from michael's, 
they are only $5 - and they let you use a coupon
so for $2.50, you better believe I have a ridiculous pool to float ratio

our stock tank was purchased from our Tractor Supply - make sure to call ahead to make sure they are available in your store, AND have them double check that the tank is not damaged before you go to purchase.  we learned the hard way, which meant a crazy amount of driving!

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