Monday, June 26, 2017

lake tahoe [mini film]

the other day I was heading to a training early one morning, and I passed the apartment complex where I know several of my students live.  it is one of those complexes that looked like it was pretty nice in the 60's, but now, it has seen too many years, and too many people, and it would not be on your top choice of places to live.  but for these kids, it is their only choice. and on this morning, we were in the middle of a horrific heat wave, and two of my former students were already sitting out in front of the complex, right next to the main street, watching the cars drive by.  it was 7:00 a.m., and the second week of summer, and my heart hurt for them.  this was going to be their day, either kicked out of the apartment because it was too hot, or because their parents were at work for the day and they didn't want them in the house alone, either way, this was their summer.  I instantly thought of my family, and the summer my daughter had already had, a trip to Lake Tahoe and a day in San Francisco, two places we go without much thought, and two destinations that people from around the world come to see.  for us, they are just over an hour from where we live, and always on our summer visit list.  I feel that I am a pretty thankful person, but on this day, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

so here's a glimpse of our latest trip to Lake Tahoe, an experience I am so lucky to have.

I love the faces my kid is giving me these days.  and the fact that she never stops running, or moving, even while eating.
Lake Tahoe Summer 2017 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

shot on our Sony a6000
music by Panic at the Disco - Pretty Odd, "When the Day Met the Night"

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