Saturday, July 1, 2017

late disneyland photos - and one HUGE exciting disney announcement

I can tell that sometimes my passion lately has been in my mini-films, because too many times I'm sharing photos a month or two late.  this spring we attended our third dapper day at Disneyland and had an amazing weekend.  the one thing I've learned after wrapping up ten years of is OKAY to take a three day weekend every once in a while.  and a long weekend in Disneyland is just the perfect fix to spring fever!  so here are our photos from dapper day... I also need to stick to my goal of printing more photos this year because none of these are currently framed in my home, and there are some framers here!
^my favorite^^my daughter is showing promise with her photography skills^
^when the top of your head gets cut off, 
just go for a super vintage-esq filter and be happy^
see our dapper day mini-film here. 
and for our exciting disney news...
Everly and I are heading to Disney World in just a couple of weeks!  or as she likes to call it [thanks to some successful advertising] the Disney Resort.  never in my wildest dreams did I think that I was going to be able to fly across the country to visit Disneyworld - but thanks to a last minute opportunity to attend the IB Global Conference in Orlando, this dream is coming true.  unfortunately, due to the very last minute nature of this trip, the mr. won't be able to go [he did go as a kid, so I only feel half horrible about all of this]. however, I now get to have a three-generation girls trip with my mom & daughter, and I am pretty excited about that! we will only be visiting the parks for two days, so Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom - here we come! even just narrowing down which parks to visit was intense, and I've heard that so many Disneyland people are disappointed with Magic Kingdom, but I just have to see it - I mean, the castle people!!! oh, and don't get me started about making a decision about which little decal I want to order off of etsy for my magic band.  the mr. tried to remind me that it isn't really a life or death decision, even though I was kind of acting like it was.

so, the countdown is on - and I'm currently memorizing the park maps because I cannot remember a time when I did not know every inch of a Disney park.  and I'm also trying to wrap my brain around flying across the country with my daughter for the first time - packing is going to be much stricter than our typical driving trips to Disneyland, so princess dresses are going to be limited!