Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just art...

last weekend I spent two days working on all things art integration for my masters
and I found it odd when my professor continued to bring up
rationalizing art integration to parents and principals
I just kept thinking, hmmm, never had to do this
I guess she is just setting me up for my art rationale paper that is due
at the end of the month
well,  I must have jinxed myself
let's just say, today, I had to do a whole lot of rationalizing to a parent
apparently, my students have done nothing but draw in my class
and that my methods are very "elementary"
being super passionate about what I do made this attack feel super personal
and I know that these kinds of things happen
and it's all part of the job
I guess the first time is the hardest
the funniest part was when I got home and went to my district's webpage
right there on the main site was a video about a particular middle school site
and how they are doing some amazing things
what are those amazing things you ask?
well, it was all about art integration in US history
geez people.  that's all


  1. I love all of your creative projects! Art allows students to think outside of the box and express themselves through demonstrating what they have learned by creating a piece of art work! These projects will be more memorable than a typical history assignment. Keep on being artsy!!

  2. I use so much art in my class and I teach 11th grade English- my students respond to all mediums so I try to include the range. Keep it up and to quote Will Smith, "Parents just don't understand!"

  3. thanks ladies! and yes, I needed a little will smith theme song to get me through!