Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days hath november

day one: self portrait
today, I stumbled unto a little challenge I'm going to try out
So Fawned is starting her second annual 
every day has something different to inspire your blogging
so here's my self-portrait
taken yesterday at school while I was rockin' my halloween spirit
want to play along - or see what's coming up?
well - here you go...
the list:
Day 01: A self-portrait.
Day 02: Three inspirational quotes. 
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: Three years ago today.
Day 06: A book I'm reading. 
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: The last item I purchased.
Day 09: A close-up of my day.
Day 10: What I love about my job. 
Day 11: Something I’ve been craving.
Day 12: Three blogs I can’t get enough of.
Day 13: Something I'm proud of. 
Day 14: A favorite movie.
Day 15: Some style inspiration for the season.  
Day 16: Someone who inspires me.
Day 17: My family.
Day 18: What I wore today.
Day 19: A silly self-portrait.
Day 20: A childhood anecdote.
Day 21: Something I could never tire of.
Day 22: Some place I’ve traveled.
Day 23: Eight things you didn't know about me.
Day 24: Something that means a lot to me.
Day 25: The contents of my purse.
Day 26: Something I'm looking forward to.
Day 27: Myself, one year ago. 
Day 28: A skill I'd like to learn. 
Day 29: Some place I'd like to visit.
Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month.

Welcome November. 

 I think today officially marked fall in my neck of the woods.  
We were in the 80's all last week which is a little too warm for me to really feel like fall.
  The breeze came in this morning and it was pretty clear winter is on it's way.  
Yeah for jacket & scarf season.

Also - thanks to Chrissy @ tiny little happies for sharing this project!


  1. I can't believe November is here! Crazy! And I love this challenge.. I wish I could do something like this on my blog..but honestly.. I never finish these kinds of things.. and it drives me a little crazy that I don't.. Booo..

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. i love cuffed jeans! and with converse chucks it doesn't get any more classicly cool.


    p.s. much love for the shout out! it's gonna be a great month.

  3. This is so lovely! I think I will try this and add it on to my blog posts. I really like having blog activities like this one to stretch my post topics.

    Also, I have awarded you with a versatile blogger award over on my blog!



  4. oh wow - thanks Elisha - quite the compliment!