Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the ups & downs

well, even though I haven't officially received my official pink slip for the year
[the one that really just means I'll be at a different school next year]
doesn't mean it isn't too soon for the insensitive comments to begin
my room has already been "scoped" out by the teacher on campus 
who gets my room next year
and yes, the scoping happened right in the middle of one of my classes
so needless to say, this wasn't a high point for the week
especially since in some way shape or form, this has already happened to me 
before moving out of two previous classrooms
however, seeing this helped make my insanely long day a little more worth it
I happened to be on instagram after work and spied this image from a fellow blogger, Meg
she blogs over at Oh Happy Day and is a fellow rockin' middle school teacher
and the reason it made my day...well if you look closely you can see her students are making mandalas
and said she was inspired by the mandalas my kids had made earlier!
there is truly no greater reward than working hard on a lesson
having your students excel & love the lesson
and then see you have inspired another amazing teacher's lesson planning
and it really made me realize where my attention needs to stay focussed
on my students
not the few unprofessional co-workers I may have around me
thanks Meg for this image - it really brightened my day!


  1. This is very sweet of you! My students loved the project. I will share more of the finished mandalas! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!!

    1. you are welcome - I'm glad your kids liked it too!

  2. Not again! Hope you don't get the pink slip and you are where you want to be next yr!

    1. well, things are still up in the air - they have until the 15th of may to officially lay me off so we'll see!