Tuesday, September 4, 2012

28 weeks

seven months pregnant and still feeling amazing
besides the constant dropping of things
which bending over for is not fun
and the very active little baby I have in my tummy
I would still not really say I have "pregnancy symptoms"
rings are still fitting
feet are looking a little more filled out, but not swollen in the least
and still not a single food craving [which I was really looking forward to]
and the funniest thing is it is much easier to wear non-maternity clothing
now that I'm so far along, go figure
this week I also finally took care of some business
signed the mr. and I up for some delivery classes
as well as a course labeled "surviving the first month"
which, considering we haven't even held a newborn before
I'm thinking these will be helpful
and took care of some fun business
like finally treating myself to a much needed pedicure
something I think I may have to repeat a few times before Everly arrives

so hopefully the next two months continue to go as smoothly
or even half as smoothly
and I'll continue to be very thankful


  1. "Surviving the first month" defintely helped us and I hope you will find it helpful as well :) Can't wait to meet this little one!

    1. oh good, I'm glad to hear that it was helpful! hanging out with the littles is going to be fun :)