Saturday, September 29, 2012

life lately

according to my phone
[1] seeing as how we showed up to our birthing class today an hour early
[because I didn't really check the time too closely]
the mr. and I had time for a little coffee date
and since this was officially the first coffee drink my husband has had
it was a photo moment for sure
and yes, this is how we prepare for parenting
[2] still feeling pretty zen after our birthing class today
wish I could say the same for the other women in the class
a few looked like they were going to cry in the bathroom during our first break
[3] nursery is getting there & I'm loving it
[4] you may be thinking we are super prepared parents to be
but really, the mr. just finished another tattoo [as seen in image one]
[5] trying to get caught up on grading and my overall motivation in the classroom
four weeks to go, four weeks
[6] still trying to think outside the box for my two English classes
and I've also decided that I'm a history teacher through and through
go figure

happy saturday
I've got myself positioned on the sofa, and I'm thinking 
that's exactly where I'm staying for the duration of the evening


  1. wow, he has an amazing tat! take everything you learn in birthing class with a grain of salt...yes, you want your birth to go a certain way, and yes, you may have been told you have "birthing hips" and yes, you may have been told that epidurals and c-sections are of the devil....but prepare your mind that anything can happen on delivery day. and that's okay. i wish somebody would have told me that before the big day arrived. :) LOVE your nursery too.

    1. I liked the class because the teacher was great about discussing all birthing options. I think I say I feel "zen" about the experience because I am not fearing what will happen, and I also know that I have done all that I can to have a medical staff that supports natural birthing choices, so if interventions are needed, I will know that there was no other option. It was just very interesting to be in a room full of pregnant women, something I have never done before, and realize how many are almost hysterical about the thought of labor and pain, that was eye opening!

  2. The nursery is looking so pretty! I love the colours you've chosen and the chevron change pad.

    I remember being really excited at birth classes, it made everything seem a bit more real! I think the best advice I have for labour is just go with what happens and trust your body. My midwife told me that 'you never know what will happen with a first baby' so keep an open mind and know that you can't fail at birth :)