Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ten on ten [october]

today was a challenging ten on ten for me
at 35 weeks pregnant - a work day is hard enough to get through
without trying to capture the beauty in that day
but hey, that's the point of the project after all
but still, it was a hard one
hopefully I'll be going out on maternity leave next week
because folks, I'm done
1. yes, it's wednesday, and I'm wearing flip-flops at work [I told you I was done]
2. post-its & polka dots
3. Spooky Stories done and hung up [and almost all graded]
4. writing options & giant eraser happiness
5. doctor office - trying to get written out earlier [now just paperwork logistics & I'm free]
6. trying to be productive - did find some new fall sweaters - now if it would get even cooler
7. homeward bound
8. new toy for Everly, figured E would need an Elephant, and it is SO soft
9. washing my latest Pyrex find from the weekend
10. time to put my feet up at last


  1. Great set! Love the colors and light.

  2. Great 10 on 10. Love the the timeline... we women do a lot in a day don't we?

  3. I love the belly shot, row of chairs and pyrex shots.

  4. Sweet baby belly pic! Congrats!
    Love the elephant and the Pyrex shots.
    Looks like a productive and tiring day :)
    Nice set.

  5. Love all those colorful markers! These last few weeks will creeeep by, but think about how much your baby girl is growing - totally worth it! Even if it doesn't feel like it. ;)