Monday, November 19, 2012

oh hey, I'm two weeks old today

today I turned two weeks old
I've been working hard to gain weight, things are still going slow
but I think we will get there soon
this week I've been loving the following:
-the Christmas lights around the windows
-staring at clouds, every chance I get
-being on my tummy
-sleeping on whoever will cuddle with me
-getting to see my auntie two times in one week
-finally deciding that I am calling my grandma "grammy"
-finding out that my thumb is pretty cool, but really, any of my fingers will do
-my dad makes the craziest noises and they always make me happy
-my mom loves taking a "late night nap" with me
-taking baths are now awesome, I think I'm officially a water baby
-making sure my arms and hands are always free, 
I especially like when they are above my head
not a bad two weeks if I do say so myself
-Everly Mae


  1. What a cutie, sprawling out and gettin' comfy! :-)

    1. thanks Kim - stretching is one of her favorite things to do for sure!