Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas eve [photo booth]

now that all the "kids" in the family are in their teens and twenties
and with the new addition to the family - miss everly
I wanted to find a new fun tradition for us to start on Christmas Eve
so that's just what we did
I made a simple backdrop out of black felt and some large ribbon
bought some fun $1 props at Joann's
downloaded the Incredibooth app to my iPad 
[which I already had played around with on my phone as you can see here]
and had fun
I think I will be breaking this out for New Year's Eve too!


  1. Love it!! I love the ones with your mom and Meg...what a bunch of nut-balls you guys are. Poor E doesn't stand a chance.

    1. nope, she really doesn't have a chance!