Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas eve

as you get older, the more christmases you seem to have
and no, I'm not complaining
but even as we add more celebrations
 there is one day that has stayed the same 
ever since I was a kid
so getting to add our little everly to christmas eve
just made it even more amazing
check out the first present she opened for the evening
I am not a huge shoe person
so even though I am guilty of buying E way more clothes than she needs
I haven't bought a single pair of shoes
however, now that she has these ridiculously cute boots
she has been sporting them on the regular


  1. She is so precious! Happy 1st Xmas!

    1. Thanks Martha - we tried to soak up every last moment with her!!!

  2. Those boots are too precious, just like your little E!

    1. Thank you, I cannot seem to get enough of either her or those boots lately!