Wednesday, January 30, 2013

oh hey, I'm twelve weeks old

so clearly having two parents home with me
for the last two weeks made me a busy little lady
because I completely forgot to write about my 11th week
oh well, I'm past it
so, week twelve
it seems like so much happened in this one little span of seven days
for instance, I now love to talk all day long
of course no one is understanding me quite yet
but that doesn't stop me from  telling them any story that comes to mind
and considering they aren't comprehending my words
they still seem pretty into them
this week mom also made sure that I had more time on my tummy
man, I'm sure figuring this whole tummy business out fast
I can hold my head up high, and even get my legs moving pretty well
however, having the head up and legs/arms moving as one,
well, not yet, but soon I tell ya
 don't you just love these last two pictures
I can't let mom think that taking my picture is that easy
so I try to throw in a sad face every once in a while
but seeing as how these pictures were taking one after the other
clearly I didn't make it very hard on her for too long
this week I also got weighed again
[geez, my parents are sure into doing this]
and I'm now at 10 1/2 pounds
I'm still gaining weight, just a little slower than others
I keep trying to tell mom that I am just not that big of an eater
but she still seems to worry about it a bit
other big things this week include my obsession with my Sophies
I make sure to always have my little Sophie in the car with me
and big Sophie stays at home for right now
I think as I get bigger I'll bring along big Sophie
but I still have a hard time holding her for too long
even with this being said, I can now officially hold my Sophies
and get them to my mouth, and that makes me pretty happy
I think that just about sums up week twelve
and today I get to go visit Auntie Meg, which I'm pretty excited about
so I probably should go
-Everly Mae


  1. She is so expressive! I adore that first picture. Too cute.

    1. Thanks Sarah - I know, I can hardly stand all her faces. In 10 seconds I can get ten different expressions from her!

  2. First of all these posts are my favorite to read! Second, she has the cutest expressions and third the polka dot shirt is adorable!!

    1. Thanks meg - I think they might be "our" favorite posts to write too. And since I haven't touched the actual baby book yet, I'm glad I'm documenting these things somewhere!

  3. Oh my god my favorite pics EVER!! The first one....amazing! If her face stuck like that I might be okay with it.