Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby vernacular [in our family at least]

it is pretty funny how quickly you come up with
an alternate language once becoming a parent
now I'm not necessarily talking about so called "baby talk"
I think the mr. and I try to keep too much of that to a minimum
but instead, as a family you come up with more nicknames than you know
what to do with, whether they be for Everly herself, or something she may be doing
now I am very aware that this post probably has little interest for my readers
so sorry for that
but I guess I could file it under "electronic baby book"
because let's be honest, I haven't written a single thing in her actual baby book
so I'm glad I will have these little details for me somewhere, until I can actually
get out a pen, and write 
but for now, I guess I'll finish this post for myself
but I will include a cute picture, so you are welcome for that
so what do we call our Everly? well, just about everything
love bug [quickly ended because the mr. said it was too close to our nickname for Luna, our fur baby, so it was a done deal before we left the hospital]
pumpkin butt
little lady
baby girl
booby monster
drool baby
the heater
just a few favorites from the first three months
now there are two other things that babies do pretty regularly 
and, well, we have names for that too
doing business
doing serious business
and booby snacks
I know the older she gets, the more vernacular we will add to this list
and I love having our own little language for Everly

Photo by Delissa [@ledharmabum]

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