Tuesday, February 26, 2013

oh hey, I'm 16 weeks old

no complaints this week
we have had many windy days lately
which the people around me seem to not love
but I think they are pretty awesome
I breathe in each gust with a smile or sigh
and sometimes I even stick my tongue out to really get into the moment
mom just kept telling me to hold onto my hat,
but thankfully she helped me out with this one
other big news includes me finding my feet
which happened while I began working on sitting up all on my own
sometimes I get a little too into it
and go flying forward
but thankfully I've landed on some cushioned surfaces
or been caught by some helping hands
 and as you can see
the drool is still real
mom still likes talking to me in crazy voices
and pretending to eat my ears and toes
or just about any part of me
I like sitting on my dad's shoulders
and talking to anyone who will listen
-Everly Mae


  1. Your posts always make me smile - so nice to see little E's face in my reader! Thanks for sharing her milestones with us.

    1. thanks for reading, I'm loving getting to have a place to really document my little moments with E!