Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ten on ten [april]

capturing the day in ten photos
obviously I didn't really follow the rules this month
but I did catch the beauty for me over ten hours
so I think it still counts
1. best way to wake up  2. lunch  3. quick afternoon trip to the zoo, one day we will take Everly to Fairy Tale Town too  4. crazy zoo tree  5. family pictures & baby feet  6. didn't actually see crocodiles, and I'm kind of sad about that  7. love coi fish  8. on our way to great-grandma and great-grandpas house - waiting to say hello  9 & 10. well, we got our feet in the pool at least!  warm day, chilly pool.

happy ten on ten!


  1. Cool set! I like the photo of you and your little one in the reflection of the sunglasses.

  2. I love the reflection (sunglasses) photo, it's an adorable family photo of sorts! Wonderful set, girl! :)