Monday, June 10, 2013

ten on ten [june 2013]

I am on the home stretch of finishing my masters
and this week we are writing our thesis

so I really wasn't feeling too creative today
but I'm glad I made sure to still capture today
even though it was only with my iPhone
ten pictures over ten hours on the tenth of each month
^^^everly's new happy things^^^
^^^these flowers are amazing, but must live on the front porch, or my luna will eat them^^^
^^^thesis writing time, and a room remodel made for the perfect picture^^^
^^^this really could have been at least five pictures of my day today^^^
^^^someone rode in the shopping cart for the first time today^^^
^^^love this little corner of our house^^^
^^^these naps are the best^^^
^^^someone woke up a tad grumpy, so we tried to swing it out^^^
^^^making progress on bridal shower goodness^^^
^^^thanks target, you brighten up my shower once again^^^
^^^we found an apple everly sized, and no, we didn't eat it^^^
 happy ten on ten!


  1. this set is incredible.
    that shower curtain is going on my shopping list ASAP.

  2. Pretty photos, girl! I am in LOVE with your shower curtain--hooray for Target and amazing Target finds, too! :)

    I also love those flowers on your front porch. They're so pretty and they scream summertime, too!

    And hooray for almost being done with your Masters! I hope to start mine in this upcoming year or so--so some of those photos could be in my future! :)