Monday, October 14, 2013

oh hey, I'm 50 weeks old

can you believe it?
I'm 50 weeks old, which means one is just around the corner
this means mom and grammie have been working overtime on some
birthday goodness
and I've even been photographed for the special occasion
turns out, when I'm given an entire cake to eat
I'm most likely only going to eat a couple of bites
I clearly prefer being fed my cake off a fork by my friend Bethany
go figure

my favorite toys these days include long pieces of ribbon
a laundry basket, as well as pillows and blankets
since I've written last I went from owning no shoes
to having too many pairs to count
oops, mom had a little too much fun
babys-r-us and the target boys section were attacked pretty hard
in other news I love making silly noises with my daddy
I can mimic pretty much anything he does
I love playing peek-a-boo
and one of my favorite faces these days is when I grab my face
and tap my cheeks
I'm still making my piggy scrunch face
and they are all just too adorable for my mom
I'm still taking steps
I think mom has counted nine in a row as my record
and daddy finally got to see these steps in person
I was holding out on him pretty bad
finally a couple of nights ago I let him see my new moves while 
visiting our friends Salma & Nevin
my newest favorite foods include green beans and grapes
and strawberries have replaced my blueberries fix
be back next week!
-Everly Mae

thanks Sarah for my pretty pictures!


  1. oh my goodness, these pictures are too cute!

  2. REALLY cute pictures. We need to get these November babies together sometime. I'll make sure Luke doesn't squash Everly. :-)

    1. I would love that, maybe next week in the afternoon. Does Evie have your number? That way we can set up a date, we would love to see you and your boys!