Friday, November 8, 2013

a halloween surprise - Lennon is here!

Well, there is a new consensus in the group - you want to have your baby, hang out with me.  Among my friends it is known that Everly came pretty quick, one afternoon I'm was in class, and the next morning, she was born.  I have now been around two mama's the night before our two newest babies were born, making me the "have your baby quick" charm.

  Lennon was born just about an hour into Halloween, the perfect birthday for him because his parents also share a love for this fantastically fun holiday.  I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze a quick trip to the hospital after school to take a few photos of him.  And yes, there little man already had a costume brought by one of his grandma's.  This guy is so loved!

and of course, Everly has already decided she is in love 
and because it turns out that having tiny babies is a stressful situtation
we are already joking that we are going to create a mom group
surrounded by our love for our tiny babes
Lennon - keep packing on those pounds!

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