Tuesday, November 5, 2013

today everly, you are one

My dear Everly - today you are a whole year old.  In so many ways you are still my little baby, and in others, a completely new child.  I have been trying to write your birthday post for quite some time now, but things, like celebrating your big day, keep getting in the way.  And instead, I'm writing this post at the most perfect time.  It is about eight o'clock on your birthday, and you have just fallen asleep nursing.  Your little body is snuggled in to mine, your hand is clinging to me, and you must be dreaming something pretty amazing, because your dainty limbs keep moving from time to time.  The house is silent, and I am surrounded by all of your photos from your first year that are still hanging on the walls from your birthday party on Sunday.  I'm not sure how long it will take me to pull down your birthday decorations, because then it will be real, my daughter is now one, and that milestone is done.  You have made this first year such an amazing one.  Thankfully, you have come into this world well adjusted and happy as all get out, and this has been the only saving grace to this working mom!

I am finding it hard to put into words how I feel on your birthday.  It is such a mix of emotions.  We enjoyed such a sweet day today.  I promised that I would always take the day off from work for your birthday, and I am so glad that this is a tradition I started today.  Getting to sleep in with you on this day, and having you wake up just before 7:20 this morning so I could say happy birthday to you at the exact moment you were born a year ago was perfection.  Today we spent the day just the three of us.  We went to Farrel's for lunch and a birthday sundae, something I hope we do every year.  This year only two of the girls sang to you, so they didn't "scare you", but I really had them do it to spare your daddy from all the stress the birthday song in public attention gives him [we'll have to work on him with this, because next year, it is all out baby girl].  We also took a trip to the zoo, and guess what, you finally noticed the animals.  You have been so many times, but could care less about the animals, and would people watch instead.  But today, because you are a big one year old, you walked around the zoo like a champ, taking in every zebra and lion in sight!

You are still so tiny, and in many ways, you do not seem like the one year old babies I've seen before.  But then you do things like put your shirt on practically by yourself, wave and say "hi" to everyone, especially our kitties, and help me eat an apple by taking huge bites and grinning as you chew it up, and that is when I realize, you are not a little baby anymore.  You are really starting to keep us on our toes these past few days, and your daddy and I are realizing it is time for us to up our game when it comes to parenting.  No longer do we leave the house as worried about how many changes of clothes and diapers we have, but instead, do we have something to keep you entertained?  Thankfully, that batch of toys you got from your birthday party should help with this.  I look forward to you starting to develop your own favorite things, and I cannot wait to see what your special toy or blanket will be. 

From day one you have been tiny, with the biggest blue eyes, crazy personality, fantastic faces, and so easy to love.  Today, my one year old, you are still tiny, with the biggest blue eyes, crazy personality, fantastic faces, and so easy to love.  You will always be my greatest love.

 Happy birthday Everly Mae!
We love you too much.
[all photos by Sarah Maren Photographers]
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  1. Such beautiful words Lyndsay! Happy Birthday Everly. You bring so much joy into my life. Thank you.