Friday, December 27, 2013

because sometimes you just need to be frilly

luckily I hadn't picked out a Christmas dress for Everly this year
because one arrived on our doorstep from her aunt ann
all the way from Cincinnati 
now the twelve month dress fit perfectly, but Everly actually had to wear
her sweater from last Christmas [size 3 months]
because this petite babe was swimming in her new one
no worries, it will fit next Christmas

this Christmas was just magical
being a mommy on Christmas just makes everything sweeter
and I can speak for the family too...
being a grammie, grandma, grandpa, auntie, and so on
makes the holidays even more special
and here was a little lady at just two weeks old
gearing up for her first Christmas 

Both holiday dresses are from Target
Her sweater is also from Target - and her headbands can be found here

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