Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year's eve [2013]

well, between helping my mom buy a new car today
[exciting yet exhausting]
and a change of plans with friends
we decided to keep this new year's eve very low key
so besides sticking to our tradition of enjoying a yummy sushi dinner
we are spending the evening just the three of us
currently watching some pixar favorites
and my attempt spice things up just a tad
included us playing around with our incredibooth app for a bit
before we turned this new year's party into a pajama party
no props, no fancy backdrops, but still fun
and my - look how tiny our little lady was last new year's eve

see the rest of last year's party photo booth pictures here
here's to making 2014 just as magical as 2013 - because it really was pretty fantastic

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