Saturday, December 28, 2013

stop and smile - it's christmas day

thankfully we stopped for a few minutes
picked up the big camera
and smiled pretty while we were all dressed up and feeling the christmas spirit
I can tell that lately I've been taking fewer pictures of Everly
[still more than normal people, but still less]
and so I was glad to hand the camera over to my sister
and let her get some of our little family of three

and yes, it was warm enough for E's little bare legs to be showing
I was dying in my tights, but I don't have quite the same tan as Everly
so I decided to be a little toasty
Everly's Christmas dress was another gift from her Aunt Ann
and was purchased from Macy's
and I loved the classic feel of it
it seemed something that I might have worn as a little one

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