Sunday, December 8, 2013

taking an adorable look at Everly's first year

Lately I've been very busy Christmasing with my little family.  I've been throwing presents in gift bags, moving our Elf once every three days, and half way participating in a December photo challenge on instagram hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  All in all, December is great, and going WAY too fast.  Today I did finish the gift I was making for our families, so that is a big check off my list.

I figured I should take a minute share something that made me smile after school on Friday - a blog post dedicated to my baby girl, and all the pretty photographs she's had taken over her first year by our amazing friend Sarah, of Sarah Maren Photographers.  We first met Sarah almost seven years ago now, and we created the first image below with a good amount of magic.  We couldn't help but recreate the image over five years later with our Everly.

Head over to Sarah's blog to see Everly's first year in photos!
It's worth the click, I promise

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