Thursday, March 27, 2014

kissable dandelion fuzz...

Everly sure has been taking these song lyrics seriously lately.  And for those of you who are not experiencing the phenomena of Frozen, well there is an adorable snowman solo where Olaf sings of how fantastic life will be in summer. And yes, I did say snowman and summer in the same sentence, I promise, the whole movie is just adorable, and I suggest you check it out pronto.  
Frozen for us is that movie.  The one movie we will talk to Everly about when she is older.  The movie she is obsessed with.  For me it was the Wizard of Oz. I guess for a few years I watched that movie daily, which is funny because I know many adults too scared to watch it, but clearly it didn't phase me.  

I love Everly's love for Frozen.  Everything about it is precious.  And no, clearly we aren't the "no screen time until two" parents.  We believe in moderation around here.  And guess what, if this kid wants to watch Frozen every morning while eating breakfast, have at it.  She has at least 15 other hours to be active and crazy.  Speaking of that, this is the first thing that has ever calmed her for more than five minutes.  She has never cared to notice the television, until we watched Frozen for the first time.  From the moment the music started playing over the Disney castle she was hooked.  After our first watch I bought the soundtrack on my phone.  And after many, many, many plays of her favorite songs she is singing along.  She knows when to do the clicking noises with her tongue just before Kristen Bell, or sighing right before Olaf in the before mentioned Summer song.  She is trying hard to say "Frozen" and daddy is pretty sure she said "Elsa" the other day. 

Last Saturday we were at a friend's birthday party and Everly decided she would bring the case for Frozen that we had just bought that day.  Who needs Frozen toys when you have the DVD case to hang on to [which is good, because Target was literally wiped clean of their Frozen toys]?  The best part is when the birthday girl got Frozen as a gift, Everly casually made her way to the movie case until she had a second copy.  No worries, we made sure not to take it with us, but man, this kid knows her Frozen!

So if I ignore your calls or text messages, I'm probably in the middle of a Frozen dance or reenactment in my family room, and Everly is most likely twirling at my feet.  Be jealous.  

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