Saturday, July 12, 2014

why blogging?

There are so many reasons that people become bloggers, and whether it is for business or strictly a hobby, there are so many benefits that come from documenting bits of your life this way.  I try to be organized with my photos, but let's face it, when digital photography really kicked in, you started realizing that a roll of 36 images was out, and you could now take 900 photos in one day of Disneyland.  And that's a lot to keep up with.  Sure, some photos get printed, others end up in books I create using sites like Blurb, but most of them just live on my computer, documenting my life in only the way a photo does.  Four years ago I stumbled on a photo project called Ten on Ten that was created by blogger Rebekah of A Bit of Sunshine.  I loved the idea of finding the beauty in ordinary days.  The first time I decided to join in I walked over some sidewalk writing in our neighborhood while I was out and about, took a picture of it in my go to summer sandals, and posted it to my blog, Educated, not so Domesticated.  Fast forward by one year and I found myself still loving this photo project, I had participated every month that year, and had to recreate my favorite image from my first set because I had clearly found new meaning to the saying "Love is Real".  Now I make a very conscious effort to get to midtown every July 10th even though we no longer live there, and hope that even when Everly is ten she will go to that sidewalk and pose for a quick photo with me.  I've included a few of our "outtakes" from this year, because when you've got a toddler involved, you never know what will happen.  And they are pretty cute too.

And here are four years of loving this little photo project, and one big reason why I blog:
I love flipping through past Ten on Ten sets to see how my daily life has changed so much in just four years.  I went from completely care free and young, dare I say bored in the summer, to nesting, enjoying my smooshy baby, and finally to my amazing adventures with this toddler I just can't get enough of [well, most of the time].

Blogging gives me a perspective on my life I wouldn't be able to have any other way.  It is a completely organized file of where I've been and the beauty that I see in my ordinary days.  And even if I was the only one who read this thing, I would still blog as long as I loved it.  See all of my Ten on Ten sets here.

And to see the rest of the photos from my July sets, click below:

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  1. Well said! So fun to document life's everyday mundane and exciting adventures! Love to see what life has brought your way :)