Saturday, July 26, 2014

woah, almost disappeared there for a bit

As my summer is coming to an end I've really been soaking up my free time with family and friends, and have found myself too busy to blog.  Everyday I think about it, but just never get to it.  And I think a week break did me good.  We have been celebrating so many birthdays, anniversaries, births of babies, and so on, I've hardly had time to instagram, and that's really saying something.  So here's to unplugging a bit and just enjoying the ride.  Besides all fun and games, I also stepped foot in my classroom for the first time this summer, and here' the kicker, I've got one to step foot in.  I'm going into my eighth year of teaching and this is the first time my stuff hasn't been in boxes over the summer, just waiting patiently to be unpacked.  And to celebrate this awesome milestone in my career, I went paint crazy in my room.  If I could slap a few coats of paint on it without possibly getting in trouble, I did it.  Bookshelves, desk, backs of cabinets that are very visible and were just downright boring, well, they aren't anymore.  Thanks to all of Everly's grandmas I was able to get this task done almost toddler free.  And even when Everly came into my room, she was such a champ.  But I'll share more about my mommy moments in the classroom at a later time, when I get some pretty classroom pictures ready to post.

But for now, I have to leave you with one of our summer celebrations that just can't go undocumented.  Just a few weeks ago we celebrated my aunt Diane's birthday in Auburn and Everly had the best time exploring the grounds of the historic boarding house and winery.
And I promise we really didn't use as much water as it appears, I just took a thousand photos, and yes, I can now see why everyone always comments on how big Everly's eyes are, geez second to last photo!

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