Friday, October 10, 2014

ten on ten [10.10.14]

Happy tenth everyone!
Once again I picked up my camera and joined in
with Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine
by taking ten photos on the tenth of each month.
Hope you enjoy, and yes, I will be envious of all the "true"
fall & October loving sets out there, it was ninety here today
and I'm still waiting to pull out my tights & boots...

1. love that the classroom walls are open daily  2. lunch date, she keeps stealing my tootsie pops 
3. pencil donations!  4. art integration, it's my thing  5. don't be fooled, most of these leaves have fallen from a stressed tree due to drought  6. halloween lanterns  7. growing succulents, Everly and I call them our babies, for the record they are "night night", so shhh.  8. fall, it's coming
 9. my fall baby  10. welcome, our door is ready for trick-or-treaters
and one more for a good night!