Thursday, December 18, 2014

christmas in the city

I had a grand idea. Let's take a day trip to San Francisco to see it decorated for Christmas. I haven't been there for the holidays in quite some time, and now that my sister lives in Oakland, I also don't go to the city much at all. We really did enjoy the day, and did some different things, and man, did we get cute photos. But I will not lead you astray. Behind almost every photo I'm about to share, there was a melt down, a tantrum, a toddler licking the bench of a ferry, so on and so forth. No amount of germ wipes could fix it, and sweating while walking with a crying toddler, never fun. I will describe this day trip as Everly's best and hardest day. She was either having the time of her life, or screaming. Very little in between, except for when she was evaluating the Santa that was sitting near us at lunch. You can tell she is just trying to figure out if she really wants to sit on his lap. My guess is no. And probably will be no for some time. However, there were highlights indeed.  Like the time she found the mini playground on the Pier, she looked back at us, waved and gestured "It's ok, I've got this" and then disappeared through the shrub wall.  Sure enough, trying to get her to leave that playground caused the biggest meltdown.  She could have slid for hours.  Even so, I think one of my favorite little moments was when we were walking through the ferry building holding hands, and I saw a man with a white beard walking towards us. I looked down to see Everly staring, and as the man passed, she did a double take. I asked her who she just saw, and quietly, she responded, "Santa". It seriously melted my heart right there on the spot. I know there are many lately who are opposed to the whole Santa business, but let me tell you, the magic of this season is so real and special for little ones, I wouldn't change it for anything. And so with that, here are these...

Mom blogger note:  I should be baking a wine cake for tomorrow's staff party, or wrapping Everly's Christmas presents while she naps, but instead, I wrote this post.  Oops.

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  1. I love these pictures! It looked like you guys had so much fun despite the ups and downs of the day :)