Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Luna.  You were our first baby.  We adopted you, kind of on a whim, right before Christmas, the year we were married.  The SPCA warned us that you may not be good with other pets, or children.  Your name was Glee, and we named you Luna.  You defied your warning label.  You were amazing with Everly from the minute we brought her home.  And you had every reason to despise her, because, well, let's be honest, she took our sole attention away from you.  But you loved her, and were simply the best.  Just this morning you were in bed with us, snuggling up with Everly.  The two of you playing with each other.  Everly quietly asking you to stop biting her, and did so with a smile on her face, because you weren't really biting her, instead, the two of your were playing.  After minutes of playing and laughter, you fell asleep at the foot of our bed.  Today Everly was so sweet as we said goodbye to you.  I asked her to pick out a blanket to wrap you in and she came out of her room with a green and white receiving blanket.  She ran outside and laid the blanket over you, just as peacefully as you appeared.  I cannot get this image out of my head.  It was love in the most basic form.  I wish you didn't love the outdoors so much, because you would still be with us.  But you gave us seven amazing years, and we are so lucky that we rescued you from the shelter.  Thank you Luna, we will not forget you. 

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