Thursday, April 30, 2015

pass renewal...check

There is nothing better to stretch out some serious car legs after a six hour drive than to make your way to Disneyland.  We were surprised with a bit of rain, but it surely didn't stop us from having fun.  Sadly we bought rain ponchos, only to find the rain gone by the time we left the store, oops, but hey, Everly rocked it for a bit anyways.

Our first stop was Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar, because we were starving.  Leaving our house at 6:30 a.m. threw off our typically 'road trip stops', so we came here ready for some yummy food, and we got it.  As you can see, Everly was pretty enthralled with the drink menu, and if she was only 19 years older, she would have ordered the 'zombie'.  
See how cute the matching sweatshirt thing is here... well, if you could only have seen the meltdown we had as we pulled into the hotel parking lot, only to find the weather not matching the forecast at all.  Someone was not happy to be covering her princess dress with her hoodie, but after a pretty serious meltdown, and seeing Disneyland, we were victorious. 
Another year of Disneyland, here we come!The Little Mermaid was the first ride we went on once inside California Adventure.  
We rode it three more times this trip! Everly sang her way through every scene, 
and didn't let the giant Ursula scare her!
The lady who sold us our passes gave Everly a pin, even though we told her it surely wasn't her first visit.  Hey, it was her first visit with the castle all binged out for the 60th anniversary!
More over-sharing of our Disneyland Trip coming soon!
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