Friday, May 29, 2015

pixie dust

For some time now, our little Everly Mae has been dying to get a princess dress.  Like a real one.  Sparkles, and tulle, and jewels, and you get the point.  However, our baby is tiny, and needs a bite size princess dress.  We frequent Mickey's house [also known as the Disney Store at the mall] often, but never do they have princess dresses in a size two.  So Everly just eyes each one, touching the hems of the dresses, whispering, "ooh, beautiful."
With our next trip to Disneyland rapidly approaching I was wanting to get Everly a new dress to wear.  I knew that she was hoping for a dress that the 'big girls' wear, and tonight we made a little dream come true.  We checked out the Disney section of JCPenney and found an abundance of size two dresses, and when we asked Everly if she wanted to try one on, her face was literally beaming.  Tinkerbell was the winning dress because it was the shortest option and therefore the best option for Disneyland.  Can't wait to see her there, enjoying the Diamond Celebration in her Tinkerbell dress.  And as you may see, her daddy already took of the Tinkerbell brooch, because we just couldn't take it.  We told her it was a little toy that came off the dress on purpose.  I don't think that makes us bad parents.
looks like she is sleeping in this little get-up tonight

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