Wednesday, July 8, 2015


everly says - 
"I'm a boy.  Auntie likes my shoes.  Grammie likes my shoes too."
"Woah, this bag is heavy.  There's a lot of stuff in it.  My stuff is in there.  Let me show you.  My treasures."
"That sparkles mommy.  So pretty." [when seeing my new anniversary band for the first time]
"I not like that movie.  We lose the movie in mommy's computer.  The Alice one."
"This is coffee, this is water."  [still calling water yo-yo, even though she can pronounce it clearly, she just chooses not to]

mom blogger note: apparently summer break means I have less time for blogging.  I rarely miss a monday portrait post, and I've been 'late' on the last two portraits, oops.  Also, yes, this portrait was taken this week, my kid LOVES witches.

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