Friday, July 10, 2015

ten on ten [july 2015]

Happy tenth everyone!  Today we spent the day with one of our favorites in the Santa Rosa area.  Good fun was to be had for everyone!
1. my kid ate two bites of this cookie, looks like I know what I'm snacking on for the car ride home tomorrow  2. scoping out our first attempt of finding a river spot, it was a fail, and Everly quickly commented, "this is dangerous, we are going to fall, let's go to the car."  3. welcome to Guerneville  4. smiling because I said that she COULD in fact climb on the railing  5. river shopping  6. she wanted to use this shovel for days, we finally found a place for digging, no joke, it was our fourth attempt at a 'beach' location, she was so patient with us!  7. best buddies  8. this church fence made me so happy, will have to share the rest of these images soon, it was a mini photo shoot  9. frozen yogurt for dinner, yes please  10. walking home to jessica's house

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  1. A really lovely look at your day.. gorgeous photos.