Tuesday, July 14, 2015

the first night

The time had come for this little lady to move into her room.  It just worked out that we were able to get a brand new twin mattress from my mom because she no longer needed it in her new house, and that was just the push I needed to make the shift.  Sunday we brought home the mattress, along with new night lights, princess sheets, and bedding.  Ev and I had fun picking out all of her new goodies, and she couldn't wait for it to be put together.  As we got ready for bed we snuggled and read stories, and then cuddled until she fell asleep.  I could tell that she was holding on as long as she could before finally falling asleep.  I think she 'got' what was happening.  
At about four in the morning I heard a little 'mommy' come from behind me, and we pulled her into bed.  She wasn't crying, she wasn't upset.  When we woke up this morning she quickly stated, "mommy, I lose you last night."  And when I responded that she found us, she gave me the biggest smile and hug.  Turns out, she was ready for the change.  And I only cried about it a little.  This was a pretty big moment for all of us.

Night two went just as smoothly.  And just as the night before, little miss found her way into our room early in the morning.  But this time, she just crawled her way into her usual snuggle spot.   Right now she is snuggling with her daddy and sleeping in like a champ, and I'm getting the housework done...well, after this blog post I am.

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