Monday, September 21, 2015


everly says - 
"Maybe...we go on the teacups again."
"I'm an ant.  Step on me.  Smoosh me.  I'm a dead ant now."
"Hey look, I'm a ladybug.  Hey, I'm not scary, I'm a ladybug.  Sweetie doesn't like ladybugs.  They really scare my cat.  Sweetie doesn't want to get hurt by the ladybug.  Now I don't like ladybugs either." [conversation she had with her Sweetie]
"Oooh, I see Mickey Mouse.  Not go close mom.  Not too close."
"Look mom, the princesses aren't sleeping, they are here, in the parade."
"Oh, it's coronation.  It's coronation, I need to hurry!  Where's Anna?  I can't find her.  Oh no, it's coronation."  [said while running around the house, then decided she needed to wash her hands to get read for coronation - see, Frozen sure taught the kids something]

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