Wednesday, October 14, 2015


every says -
"Mommy, your eyes are beautiful.  They really sparkle."
"My phone isn't working.  I need to charge it.  Why isn't my phone talking?  You need to fix it mom."
"Your heartbeat sounds fun."

mom blogger note:  Please, oh please, let me get through these last two days before we take 175 students to a week long camp 3+ hours away.  I'm so tired, and the days are too long right now.  And as I write this, my child is pretending to be a dog, licking my arm, and pushing a wood stool around the house, which is making the most therapeutic sound you could possibly imagine.  Today marks two months of teaching without a break.  And let me tell you.  Teachers have breaks for a reason. And yes, my kid is crawling around the floor of Lowe's in this photo.  That's why they made wipes. 

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