Sunday, May 8, 2016

mother's day - let's just spin the details a bit

Can I just say how over these holidays I am.  Over them.  Over it.

A day where mom is supposed to be pampered, and doted on, and made to feel extra special.

When in reality, there is a lot of build up and even more let down.  And work.

I used to not understand how moms would say they just wanted the day to themselves.  But then I got it, today, my mother's day, I got it.

I'm in charge of gifts for others.  I'm in charge of activities.  I'm in charge of planning.  I'm responsible for getting my toddler ready for the day, by myself, only to realize that today would just be a better day to not leave the house.

But tickets were purchased, plans were made, and so, an hour of trying to get out the door doesn't stop me from getting out the door.

Tears, from both the little one and myself.  Annoying text messages coming in on how hopefully I was being spoiled rotten today.  Ultimately producing more tears on my part.

Hold me, hold me.  No stroller.  No carrier.  No ultimatums would fix this situation.

So lunch it was.  And I would say we mustered about an hour of nice mother's day out of the situation.  It was a real sour lemonade out of lemons sort of deal.  But it was lemonade all the same.

And the best part... I can make this day look perfect on social media.  So there you go.

Enjoy - our perfect mother's day.  And if you skipped the text, because it was just too much, well, then you really are seeing the perfect day.

mother's day from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

And really, it wasn't our worst day.  Just a day that hopefully I'll remember more by this video, than how it actually felt.


  1. You definitely captured the best of the day! ♡♡♡

  2. You definitely captured the best of the day! ♡♡♡