Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lake Tahoe [mini-film]

our family decided to get away for a few days to Lake Tahoe.  we are very lucky to live just a little over an hour away from this gorgeous destination.  I went several years not really appreciating Lake Tahoe.  I think because it was such a magical place for me as a kid, then it just didn't really have the same feeling when I was in my twenties.  now that I'm a mom, it's back to being all kinds of magical.  it's strange how different stages in your life feel so different, even at the same geographic location.  so for now, I'm so in love with Lake Tahoe, and thankful for our ability to visit there so easily.

we went up right after the fourth of july.  it was really the perfect time to sneak away.  I have read a few articles that said that volunteers picked up over 1,500 pounds of trash off Lake Tahoe's beaches [boooo to littering people] and I can hardly believe it.  we were there july fifth and the lake was as pristine as ever.  not to mention, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves, and that really is the best.

we stayed at the Forest Suites in at Heavenly Village and waking up to the gondolas running right over our heads made everly certain that she needed to ride that 'ride'.  daddy on the other hand wasn't quite so sure.  I learned my lesson on our engagement trip to disneyland when I made the mr. ride on tower of terror and quickly realized that when the mr. says that he doesn't want to do something, you shouldn't make him do it.  I was pretty certain that he was having a heart-attack about an hour after proposing.  so, after almost eight years of marriage, if he isn't sure about going on a 'ride', I just don't force the issue; especially when the 'ride' has you trapped in a small space suspended over a mountain for a period of time.  but, we had a three year old that wanted to, and so did I.  so the mr. got to do a little shopping, and we went on a little adventure up to the top of Heavenly Mountain.

here's some of the highlights of our days in Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

shot on our Sony A6000
"Maps" by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
"Wish You Were Here" by Incubus
[to my students, this is the band I referenced one day during WOW]

places of interest:
Baldwin Beach
Heavenly Gondolas
Sno-Flake Drive In


  1. I like how you went with some old school tunes for the movie! It looks like you guys had an awesome little getaway!

    1. thanks - I think coming up with different songs to use is the hardest part of making the mini-films for me :)