Sunday, August 7, 2016

our last diamond celebration trip to disneyland [mini-film]

there's nothing like coming home from tutoring, thinking about the fact that you have two and a half days off with the mr., season passes burning a hole in your pocket, and being on the road three hours later for anaheim.  we of course wanted a little anticipation and surprise when we told everly, so we had told her that we were on the road for lake tahoe.   she was pretty excited and insisted on wearing and packing some of the same outfits that she had worn to lake tahoe last month.  little did she know that I had already packed her disneyland things while she was napping.  nothing like taking a kid on a 6 hour car ride right after a nap, but seriously, she did awesome.  her reaction to hearing that we were going to disneyland instead of lake tahoe, well, it's pretty much everly, and I'm glad we caught in on the camera.

here's our super short, whirlwind trip to disneyland.  the last one before the diamond celebration officially ends.  highlights definitely included everly's first autograph book that she filled with pretty much the same five princess signatures.  she loved watching them sign their name, and was always a little panicked that she wasn't going to get her book back.  good news, she always did!

getting to dance through fantasyland holding hands with Alice was also pretty high up on the list of magical moments.

thanks to that husband of mine for going along with my crazy plans!
Disneyland August 2016 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

shot on our sony A6000
"Put on Your Sunday Clothes" - Wall-E Soundtrack
"Alice's Theme" - Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack
"Main Title - Alice in Wonderland" - Alice in Wonderland Original Soundtrack


  1. I am so in love with your videos. What editing program do you use? And how many hours of footage do you take to get enough for each video?

    1. Thank you! I just use iMovie on my Mac. I typically find that I cut about 25-30 minutes of footage down to 7-9 minutes. I've realized it's easiest if I take a ton of super short video clips. I try to never take video clips longer than 10 seconds because it takes too long to cut all of those down to just what you want. The final products typically have almost two hundred clips ranging from .8 seconds to 3 seconds maximum. I taught myself how to do everything on iMovie, it's pretty easy. Learning to cut down clips to the magical 1.7 seconds is everything. When I watch my older movies I realize how much I've learned about editing. The whole process is time consuming though, most of them take 2-4 hours to edit depending on how much footage I start with ☺️

      Hope this helps! It's now my favorite hobby, even more than photography, and getting to see my daughter watch her memories this way is priceless!

  2. Yes! That is so helpful! Especially hearing the length of time of each clip. I was thinking that you had these 5 min clips that you were editing down and it seemed so difficult. But the idea of taking 5 to 10 second clips makes it seem much more manageable. My little guy just turned one and I have SO much video of him from the past year and want to distill it down to something that we could actually watch. Thank you!!

    Ps. I also live in Sac and am also a teacher! I think that's why I was drawn to your blog (way back in the day before Everly!)