Saturday, August 11, 2012

ten on ten [august]

yesterday was ten on ten
and it was a jam-packed day
including a very fitting ten on ten event:
my ten year high school reunion
so between setting up for the reunion
working in my classroom
and then actually attending the reunion
it was a great day, so here it was
it was great getting to see everyone last night at the reunion
and overall, I think it was a success
and yes, "2002 - better than you" was our motto
well, it rhymed, and we were never a very spirited class, so it just kind of ironically stuck

happy ten on ten!


  1. Congrats I noticed you must have be hired back. What grade are you teaching this year?

    1. thanks - yes just called back to a 6th grade position at a great middle school teaching history and english. very excited because I have already taught 6th grade, they have changed the english curriculum since I have taught it, but I still feel great about the position!

  2. I love the bell picture, lovely set!

  3. Yay for getting a teaching position! Congrats to you! Those ten year reunion photos + decor look like a lot of fun. And I see that your classroom is coming together, too! Great set!