Friday, January 4, 2013

oh hey, I'm eight weeks old

yes, tomorrow is my two month birthday
these days I am out of control happy in the morning
and I've decided that formula is something I no longer want to have any part of
I love standing up, with a little help from my parents
and I love sitting like a big girl even more
[but please, sit me in the center of the sofa, 
right in between the cushions for a little extra support]
I am slowly finding my newborn clothes to be fitting
and some things have gotten downright snug
so I'm moving into the world of three month clothing
which means all new outfit options for me
my parents thought that now that I weigh over nine pounds
I would be fitting into size one diapers instead of my newborn ones
well, they were very wrong
daddy tried a size one diaper on me
 only to find it was SO loose around my legs
that disaster was sure to strike!
and because my parents were SO sure the bigger size diapers were going to fit
mom had to run to target at eight o'clock
because we were ALL out of newborn diapers
maybe next time they will check before assuming something like that ;)
silly parents, thinking they've got me figured out
-Everly Mae


  1. She is darling and still so tiny! We are already moving out of 1's and into 2's.

    1. After talking more with both our families it turns out my husband and myself were both really small babies, so I guess Everly never had a chance to be a big baby!